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(( For questions you wish to ask, please put a "Q" in front of your questions so I know that you'd like your question to be answered with a drawing. Otherwise, I'll take it that it's a Role play starter instead. Please and thank you! ^u^ ))


:bulletgreen: Name: Serina
:bulletblack: Age: 22
:bulletgreen: Height: 5' 10"
:bulletblack: Weight: 120
:bulletgreen: Race: Currently a snake creature from the curse placed upon her.
:bulletblack: Likes: stealing, pilfering, thievery, butterflies
:bulletgreen: Dislikes: guards, curse, bounty hunters
:bulletblack: Fears/Phobias: Not a fan of heights
:bulletgreen: Hobbies: Stealing....... duh

So you probably want to know a little more about me. Well, I'm an excellent Con Artist, pickpocket, but my specialty is thievery. I can also be a thief-for-hire….. for the right price of course. Let's see, what else... hmmm……. oh yeah, I'm also a 5' 10" cursed snake creature, you know, case you didn't notice. It's kinda a long story but the bottom line is that stealing from The Magic Man is probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.
And if there's still stuff you want to know... well, that's why I'm here isn't it? So go ahead, ask some questions and let's get this ball rolling!


Other Ask Accounts: :iconasksecret: :iconasktheexile::iconask-sawyer:
Admin: :iconhuggablerogue:
(( Sooooo..... that little hiatus lasted a tad longer than I thought didn't it? :iconbadpokerfaceplz:

I've just been having so much fun on my main and really school has been kinda busy for me that even my time on my main has been cut short.  But I believe my last day of school is next week so then I will finally be able to come back and revive these dusty AT accounts!  If anyone cares and is still watching me that is ^^;

So if you give me till May 10 or maybe even a little earlier, I will be right back into the groove of things with responding to old RPs, making some new pics and whatever else I can think of :3 ))


New OC - Kit
(( I probably should be working on drawings of the characters I already have, but I've had the idea for this girl in my mind for awhile and couldn't help but draw her out.  I'll get to work on Serina and the rest of the crew soon too.  But for now, here's the newest addition to the OC family, Kit! 8D ))

Name: Kitrina Elizabeth Faye- prefers to just go by "Kit"

Age: 16

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 114

Species: Elven Race known as a "Scrapper"

Backstory:  Kit comes from the warrior clan of Scrapper elves that live deep within the Ooo mountains.  Her father, in fact, is the chief of the clan and has lead the clan for many years.  Not only are they fierce warriors, but the Scrapper elves are also inhumanely strong as their diet consists of a small vegetable known as a Pricklebeet that oddly gives them their incredible strength.  (Which is why Kit is able to wield that ginormous hammer.)  And deep within the mountains, the clan also mine rare crystals that they use in their weaponry that makes them extremely resilient and strong.  With such power, the clan could easily overtake any place they saw fit.  But the Scrapper elves are honorable warriors and only engage in battle when in self defense or when helping those in need.  However, over the years some in the clan decided that they could use their strength for "better" things and sought to take over the surrounding villages.  Kit's father of course opposed the idea and this caused a division amongst the clan.  While some joined with the rebel group, many continued to stay loyal to their oaths as noble warriors and stick with the clan.  But during the division, the rebel group managed to take control of the mines and keep the members of the clan from retrieving any more of the crystals for any new weapons.  But on the other hand, the clan still had control over the Pricklebeet fields so even though the rebels could forge as many weapons as they liked, they most likely couldn't even lift those weapons without the help from the strength enhancing properties of the Pricklebeets.  As such, this caused a full out war against the Scrapper clan and the rebel group for full control of BOTH the mines and the Pricklebeets.  With this intense battle raging on, Kit's father saw it best for her and her baby brother to leave until the fight was over, much to Kit's dismay.  But doing so if only for her baby brother's sake, Kit left and is now staying with her uncle in one of the central cities of Ooo.  Though she's supposed to be staying there to keep herself safe, Kit still seems to effectively find trouble and is always looking for a fight to prove that she's strong enough to finally go home and help her family and clan against the rebels.

Personality:  Kit is an all around tomboy with a fiery spirit.  She's rather sassy and likes to tease and joke around with others.  She's a very lighthearted sort and it would take quite a lot to bring this cheery girl down.  And although she's still a warrior at heart and does enjoy a good fight, she only does so when necessary.  (Like when she goes out and actively looks for thieves and bandits to whack with her massive crystal hammer.)

Extra Info

- Although the Scrappers are extremely strong, they're still not invincible and many are covered in the various scars that they have received in their harrowing fights.  Like the handful of ones Kit has.  But they display their scars with pride as they are a sign of bravery and valor within the clan.  The more scars, the better.

- The insignia on Kit's hammer is the mark of her clan.  She has the same mark tattooed onto her back that she received when she became of age.  This is the distinguishing feature between the clan and the rebel group as the rebels have taken it upon themselves to cut a deep slash through their own mark to signify that they are no longer part of the clan.

- Kit's uncle forges and sells weapons to the many adventurers that pass through the city.  The weapons he make aren't made with the crystals the Scrapper's have of course, but each piece is still excellently well made as he's extremely good at his craft.

- While the Pricklebeets give the Scrappers their superhuman strength, that wouldn't be the case for anybody else and actually they taste incredibly terrible to anyone other than a Scrapper.  If someone other than a Scrapper were to eat a Pricklebeet... well, results may vary.


(This girl is definitely up for any RPs or questions you'd like to throw her way! )
Remember Me?
So.... been awhile.  And by "awhile" I mean too freakin' long!  Guys, it's been over a year, a YEAR since I've drawn my little Serina, or really ANY of my other ask account characters.  Unacceptable.  So to right this terrible wrong, get ready for the massive wave of Serina, Thorn, Secret spam and new OC spam cause I am back babies! 8D  :iconwoootplz:


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